Sushi Kanesaka鮨 かねさか

  • one star
  • Quiet comfortable
  • Completely no smoking area
  • Counter restaurant
  • Reservation required
  • Open Sunday
Sushi Kanesaka

While the owner-chef Shinji Kanesaka attaches much importance to Edomae sushi techniques, new ideas are also adopted in pursuit of the ultimate taste: this is the style of Sushi Kanesaka. He is meticulous in what he does, ensuring, of course, that the toppings are fresh and of high quality, but also curing them according to customer tastes, and varying the seasoning of the sushi rice with the season.

Opening hours, last orders
Lunch = 11:30-14:00 L.O.13:00
Dinner = 17:00-22:00 L.O.21:00
Annual and weekly closing
Closed Public Holiday Mondays
Lunch = ¥5,500-17,000
Dinner = ¥27,000-38,000
B1F, Ginza Misuzu Bldg, 8-10-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

* The information is reproduced from the Michelin Guide. Please contact the facility directly for more detail.

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